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My name is Heather, and I am the founder and creator of Peekzee Socks. I am home-grown and still reside in rural Nebraska. It's safe to say I'm a happy wife, dog-lover (especially Pugs!), and music fanatic, who loves a fabulous pair of flats! I adore this crazy ride called life...and thank the Good Lord for the one He gave me everyday!


As I mentioned above, I am a happy wife! My amazing husband, who makes me that happy wife, also holds the funny inspiration that led me to create Peekzee Socks: 

We were on our way to a football game; running a little late. Like a lot of ladies, I like to root for the home team while still wearing trendy attire. For shoes, I had on a pair of flats that went with my outfit. As we were hustling to get to the stadium, my traditional no-show sock liners kept popping off my heel and scrunching to the bottom of my flats, so I kept stopping to dig them out. Well, that prompted "Amazing Husband" to speak terms of endearment, such as, “Good Lord, what’s the hold up?”, “Hurry-up, let’s go!”, “Are you going to make it?” Needless to say, I had battled the inconvenience of traditional no-show sock liners many times before, but that walk to the football stadium was the last straw.

A couple weeks later to avoid the same predicament, I found an old pair of longer dress-socks that I never wore anymore, quickly cut out an opening, slipped them on, and off I went. They sure weren’t pretty, but they sure did work! They were comfortable, warm, and most importantly didn’t scrunch to the bottom of my shoe. Peekzee Socks were born!

Since then, I have streamlined them to being manufactured with the perfect fit, function, and cut. Peekzee Socks may be worn for work and play, while enjoying lasting comfort and convenience all day.


Thank-you for stopping to take a peek at Peekzee. I named them Peekzee Socks, because they provide all the conveniences of a full length sock, but the top of your foot still "peeks" through to look great in all the incredible shoes that have top-side openings. I'm excited for you to experience for yourself how Peekzee Socks are not your average no-show, while hopefully adding some other cuteness to your closet as well!